Empowering Adults with Disabilities


Bloom Enterprises (formerly known as Randy & Friends) is dedicated to supporting, encouraging, and empowering adults with disabilities. We also aim to shine a light on inclusion in North Georgia, proving that we are more alike than different and that God creates each of us with value.

Midland Kru Day Program

Our day program is person-centered and provides social and recreational experiences, spiritual development, personal development plans, family involvement, life skills, community participation and job and volunteer skills development.

Midland Ice Cream Social

Our ice cream cart employs adults from our Bloom family, giving them access to an independent source of income as well as time out in the community, sharing their gifts.

Community House Creations

Our day program associates are empowered & encouraged to be creative with their gifts. Whether gardening and planting things that BLOOM or working with our community business partners to create T-shirts on demand for large orders or small, Community House Creations is enjoyed by all, each according to their abilities and gifts.

Midland Kru Day Program always welcomes volunteers. If you are interested, simply click on the button below to get started.

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Your Support Matters

The Visions of bloom Enterprises of Georgia is to help our Associates grow in their self confidence and reach their full potenial.

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